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A Life Changed Through Volunteering & Saints4Sport

Over on the blog – read how Justin made big changes in his life by volunteering and getting involved with the Saints4Sport project.

Specialist care home

Care homes often can’t provide for older people with addiction and mental health problems. Our care home, St James Care, gives these people the support that they need.

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The Society of St James has teamed up with Southampton FC’s ‘Saints ...


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Addiction Services

The Society of St James is not just a homelessness charity. We ...

Specialist Services

We have specialist housing that caters for chronic heavy drinkers, those with ...

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Jamie’s Computers is the computer recycling social enterprise arm of The Society ...

What they say

It’s been the stepping stone I needed to get me where I am today.

– Nick, who overcame addiction thanks to our drugs services -

If it wasn’t for your help, advice and positive belief in me I would not be here today.

– Stefano, who got clean with the support of our drugs services -

The staff there welcomed me so much and allowed me to become the real person that was trapped inside all along, and now I find it amazing to be the real me and to bring this person into all parts of my life.

– Fred, who volunteered with our Bridge2Volunteering project -

With the support I have had this time – I have gone that ‘one step further’ without starting to drink heavily again.

– Kevin, who was supported by the Alcohol Pathfinder service -

B2V have believed in me and I will never go back to my old life: now that I’ve had this experience of giving back what B2V gave to me.

– Vix, who volunteered with B2V -

Volunteering has given me a sense of achievement and hope for the future – that I will find useful employment.

– Christina, who is volunteering with, and supported by B2V -

Due to my time and experience as a B2V volunteer I went from being a scared, intimidated, insecure person to a confident, reliable, secure, caring man. I’m also an employed man with his children back in his life.

– Stuart, who transformed his life through volunteering. -

Every dynamic and area of my life has changed through this service.

– Justin who volunteers with B2V and Saints4Sport and has gained work with the Saints Foundation as a sessional worker.