About substance misuse

How many people have substance misuse issues?

One tenth of adults have used one or more illicit drugs in the last year, and around one in four men and one in seven women binge drink regularly. This means that substance misuse is an issue which is likely to touch us, our families or our friends at some point during all of our lives.

The effects of substance misuse

Using drugs or drinking too much can cause long-term damage to your health. People who drink too much are more likely to suffer accidents or be involved in fights, while drug users may put themselves at risk of overdose or contracting and spreading blood-borne viruses. Any kind of substance misuse can lead to poor performance at work, and distress to family and friends.

Managing and overcoming substance misuse

Getting a substance misuse problem under control is not easy. There is no immediate remedy, although over time, and with support, many people will be able to either overcome their dependency or manage it and lead normal lives.

The Society of St James and substance misuse

The Society of St James’ Substance Misuse Services offer support and advice to people wherever they are on their journey with addiction.

For many people, the chance to learn skills that will help them stabilise and manage their addiction, and minimise the risks involved, can be life-changing and potentially life-saving.

Useful Links

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