Easter Appeal

Can you donate £5 and make a difference to a vulnerable person this Easter?

easter appeal

This year SSJ are holding an Easter Appeal! We would like to offer special meal and Easter Egg to the people who live with us, but with limited resources to do so, we are asking you, our supporters, if you could donate £5 to our Easter Appeal which could help us buy ingredients for a nutritious, healthy, home-cooked meal and an Easter Egg or could help us buy ‘Spring Cleaning’ packages for our residents.


Easter Appeal

We’d like to encourage the people who live in our houses and hostels to get together over the Easter period and spend some time together, to connect with each other and enjoy a hearty, nourishing meal.

Getting together and cooking a meal can be a great way for our residents to bond with each other and as well as helping with their cooking skills, can help them to learn to work together and communicate more effectively.

Are you able to give £5 which could pay for a home-cooked meal, this Easter?

easter appeal



Many of the people who live with SSJ have little family and few friends. The treat of an Easter Egg is something many of us take for granted, but that many of them will not have received for a number of years.

Can you donate £5 today to our Easter appeal, which could pay for Easter Eggs for our residents?




As well as making Easter special, we also want to take the opportunity to assist people who live with us to have a clean, fresh, start.  As Spring approaches and the days get lighter we’d like to encourage people living with us to have a good Spring clean, so your donation could also help us to provide ‘Spring Cleaning’ packs to our residents.

easter appealOn top of the health benefits of living in a clean space, a good clear out and tidy-up is associated with improvement of mood, a decrease in stress levels and an increase in creative activities.  Persistent clutter and untidiness can be seen as problematic behaviour and a messy and disorganised living space can lead the person living there feeling distracted, which can end up being distressing and overwhelming.

Spring Cleaning can help focus attention, can help with getting rid of unwanted items and having a good clean can re-energise the person, as much as the space.  As many of the people we support lead extremely chaotic lives, we hope that in providing a ‘Spring Clean’ package for those who need it we can encourage a new beginning.  Can you help someone with a fresh start?

This Easter, can you donate £5 and help us give someone a ‘Spring Cleaning’ package?


If you would like to make a difference to people who are homeless, throughout Hampshire, you can make a donation to our Easter Appeal* on our our JustGiving page.


If you would like to make a donation another way, please fill in this contact form and a member of the Fundraising Team will contact you. Thank you.

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