Homed – Sleeping Out for Youth Homelessness

homed1At SSJ, we are lucky to receive support from lots of different groups and Homed is a student-led society at Southampton University, that has been involved with us for a couple of years.  Last year, members of Homed came along to our End Youth Homelessness Sleep Out*, and we’re grateful that some of them are returning to Sleep Out with us again, this year.

Here we speak to Homed President, Steph Barker, and Secretary, Lorna Green, about their experience last year, and why they are returning to do it all again.


Homed is a student-run society dedicated to educating people about homelessness; reducing stigma and increasing awareness, we also help connect students to local volunteering agencies. Lastly, we fundraise to help support local charities on their endeavour to give back to those in our community who have been pushed to the margins and need help.

One of those local charities is SSJ, we acknowledge their great work in Southampton and work to get our students involved as much as possible. Homelessness is a complex issue that requires attitude change and multifaceted efforts to prevent and treat it. Together, we can provide the required network of compassionate care and services.

Homed member and participant last year, Lorna Green, told us:

For me, last year, gave me a tiny insight into what people experience every single night, I remember the feeling of the cold hard concrete beneath me the sounds of people coming back from a night out as I tried to go to sleep, I did this in the knowledge that the next night I would be warm and safe in my own bed.

I’m doing it again this year, as a challenge to raise awareness for homelessness and raise money as walking around I see so many people who, for so many complex reasons, their bed has become the pavement; this is just one way in which I hope to make a difference!

Steph had this to say about her experience last year, and why she’s coming back:

Last year was obviously tough; it made me feel extremely grateful for being able to go home at the end of it. The night was an extremely humbling experience.

I’m doing it again because this is a small glimpse into what so many experience every night and if I can help to give back, I will. Homelessness can affect anyone, myself included, and I’d hope for places like SSJ to be there if I needed help.



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We’d like to thank Homed for their continuing support and if you can drop them a little sponsorship as encouragement, they would really appreciate it.  You can make a donation to the Homed Sleep Out* total here

*All money raised from the SSJ End Youth Homelessness Sleep Out will go towards supporting our work with this particularly, vulnerable group.  You can read more about the event here.



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