International Women’s Day – 8 March 2015

International Women’s Day  March 8 2015


On International Women’s day Saints4Sport is celebrating Collette turning her life around and we hope she can inspire other women to do so……

 I had been trying to cope with ‘life in general’ having a  small business, applying for a mortgage and being turned down. Living with bi-polar, physically having to deal with the tiredness, periods of exhaustion through fibromyalgia and 4 damaged discs in my back. I also used to volunteer for an elderly lady doing her gardening and she sadly passed away. That used to be ‘my therapy’ to relax.

Everything got on top of me  I drank too much, smoked cannabis and I had feelings of despair , which resulted in me ending up in hospital after taking an overdose. After I left hospital  I had a couple of visits from professionals, but after that no support, when I needed it.

With the support of The Society of St James, where I attended a Cannabis Support Group and Saints4Sport Project,  I can proudly say on March 9th I will have been abstinent for 6 months. That’s a real achievement and thanks to Saints4Sport – it has literally been a life saver.

My life  has recently gone in a new direction. The ‘old me’ has come back. My confidence is returning and I am enjoying life and have met new people. I am involved in a gardening project, which I really enjoy, I am now learning the guitar, play golf and recently completed a fishing course. I have always enjoyed fishing. Saints4Sport has given me the opportunity to do all this and get my life back again.


The full calendar of activities for the Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service, which includes Saints4Sport, can be found here: Recovery Calendar




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