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portsmouth lottery

Buy a £1 ticket for the Portsmouth Lottery and YOU have the chance of being £25,000 richer, whilst supporting SSJ in Portsmouth at the same time.

The Portsmouth Lottery holds a weekly draw and 60p of every £1 goes towards helping worthy community projects throughout the City.  Projects such as Scout and Guide Groups, Junior Rugby Clubs, Health Charities, LGBTQ Groups, and Mental Health Support groups.  Buy your ticket through our page and we receive 50p of your pound to help us to continue to develop our services in Portsmouth. Services such as our IOM House, whose recent successes we shared on our facebook page and twitter.

iom success portsmouth lotteryOur Integrated Offender Management (IOM) service works with the Police and Probation to provide a home for offenders coming out of Prison, who want to turn their lives around.  All six residents living with us in one of our Hampshire IOM houses have remained drug-free and committed no crimes, in over 6 months.

They have all found employment or education and training opportunities and have taken huge steps towards much brighter futures.  Two residents are in full time employment.  After completing Counselling and Sociology courses, two residents are currently studying Criminology and Psychology.  The final two residents are volunteering, one with Sue Ryder and one in SSJ’s Re-Fit project, which provides sports and leisure opportunities for disadvantaged people in Portsmouth.  As part of this volunteering placement that resident has started their own group for people accessing the service, enabling them to try activities they previously were unable to.

In buying a ticket from our Portsmouth Lottery page, your 50p could go towards helping SSJ to continue to provide the personalised care and support that makes successes such as these possible.

Growing together

At the moment, our Portsmouth lottery raises just under £500 a year but we hope that you will help us grow this, so that, together, we can make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Portsmouth.  And did we mention… you could also end up £25,000 richer!

The next monthly draw is on the 1st April 2017, so don’t be an April fool (groan) and make sure that you buy a ticket today!


portsmouth lottery


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