Recovery Walk 2016 – International Overdose Prevention Day

Southampton Recovery WalkWednesday August 31st, 2016 is International Overdose Awareness Day.  The Society of St James (SSJ) invite you to join us on this important day to undertake a recovery walk around Southampton Common to remember people we have lost due to overdose and to spread the overdose prevention message throughout our communities.

Every year, thousands of people lose their lives through drug and alcohol addiction and overdose.  Every day lives are changed and affected as friends, families, colleagues and neighbours lose loved ones through the tragedy of overdose, as well as the devastating affects of permanent and life-limiting injuries, that can occur through sustained substance misuse.  This is why SSJ need you to help spread the Recovery and Overdose Prevention message throughout Hampshire and support our event on International Overdose Prevention Day.

Knowing about the drugs that you, or those around you, take, the effects those drugs can have on your body and how to prevent an overdose can make all the difference.

We will be meeting at Hawthorn’s Urban Wildlife Centre at 3pm on Wednesday 31st and finishing with a BBQ near the Cowherds pub.

Come together as a community to understand how this issue affects everyone of us.

Come and join us to remember a loved one you’ve lost, or for all the people who have noone to remember them.

Come and educate yourself about drugs and alcohol and prevent this tragedy happening to you or someone you care about.

Come and celebrate those in your local community who are in recovery from substance misuse, show them you care and support their recovery.

It’s time to remember. It’s time to act.


To stay up-to-date with news about the Recovery Walk, please join our Facebook event here, follow us on twitter or sign up to “Hear Our News”

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Some facts and figures about Drug & Alcohol Use:

The last report from the Office of National Statistics tell us that 2014 saw the highest ever mortality rate for deaths involving drug misuse.  In England, there was a 17% increase on the previous year, with over 2,000 deaths recorded as involving illegal drugs.  In the two years between 2012 and 2014, deaths involving heroin and/or morphine increased by almost two-thirds, from 579 to 952, and almost 250 deaths involved cocaine; a sharp increase from 169 recorded deaths the previous year.

Men are 2.5 times more likely to die from drug misuse than women, and people aged between 40-49 show the greatest risk and the highest mortality rates recorded; a 25% increase on the previous year.  This is closely followed by people in their thirties, with drug poisoning now accounting for 1 in 7 deaths for people in their 20’s and 30’s in 2014.

In addition to drug use, around a third of all drug-related deaths also mention alcohol use or long-term alcohol abuse.

In 2014, there were 8,697 alcohol-related deaths registered in the UK. Alcohol-related death rates were highest among 55 to 64-year-olds, and the majority of these alcohol-related deaths (65%) were among males.

The World Health Organisation estimates around 6% of all deaths, globally, are related to excessive alcohol consumption and in England, the House of Commons Health Committee 2012 estimated that the cost of alcohol misuse to the National Health Service is around £3.5 billion per year.


It’s time to remember. It’s time to act.


Join us on our Recovery Walk on 31st August, celebrate those that we support in their recovery and pledge to prevent the tragic loss of overdose from drugs and alcohol in Hampshire.

We are also looking for local businesses to sponsor the event.

The Recovery Walk will include a quiz and we are asking local business to “sponsor a clue”, to help us cover the costs for this important community event.  If you would like to help support this event, please get in contact with the fundraising team, today. A £20 donation could make a real difference- Thank You.

If you would like to make a donation that could go towards our recovery walk or our work with people facing drug and alcohol addictions throughout the County, please visit JustGiving today.

Every donation will make a difference. Thank you.


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