Volunteer Recognition Day 2017 – A Thank You

It was volunteer recognition day yesterday and we’d like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to all of our volunteers across the organisation- as every one of them has a huge, positive, impact on our work and we couldn’t do it without them!

Last year our B2V volunteers alone gave almost 9000 hours, with many of those offering peer-support around drug and alcohol use. The scheme also enables volunteers to access training and education and has helped hundreds of people to change their own lives too.

A B2V volunteer told us:

volunteer recognition day

In the last year, the B2V project saw almost 40% of it’s volunteers return to work and gain paid employment and almost a third moved on to higher education.  In total 1226 hours have been spent in training and with almost two thirds of our B2V volunteers having committed criminal offences in the past, none have reoffended since starting the B2V volunteering scheme; an amazing achievement.

We are so grateful for all of our volunteers; from fundraising volunteers who marshal at events such as Sleep Out or help with donations drives, such as our Christmas Shoebox appeal. We were so grateful to receive an unprecedented 1000 boxes donated in 2016 and we couldn’t have got them all ready and distributed in time without the help of our volunteer elves! Alongside Student groups and corporate volunteers who can decorate or re-vamp a house or garden in a day or two; having a huge impact on our residents. Or corporate teams who hold donations drives such as NATS did, last Summer.

And then throughout SSJ; Our Care Home is always grateful for community groups and musicians who volunteer time to entertain our residents.  We also engage and train volunteers at Re-Cycle Bikes and Jamies Computers, enabling people to gain new skills and receive education with the view of returning to employment.  We also have a number of people who volunteer and help with administration and finance and in our residential and support projects; all of our volunteers are highly valued and we are thankful for every hour given.

If you would like to #GetInvolved as a volunteer with SSJ, there’s more information and a contact form to fill in here on our webpage:


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