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Donate other items

We are always in need of food for our hostels, toiletries and clothes for new residents, and decorating materials to help us keep our housing projects in good condition.

Please contact Southampton Street on 02380 223479 if you would like to donate any of these types of goods. 


To see our shopping list of food and drink items that we are always grateful to receive- please see our blog post & shopping list here.



You can also donate other items to raise funds for SSJ.

pcJamie’s Computers is the computer recycling social enterprise arm of The Society of St James. Jamie’s Computers offers a free professional and secure IT disposal service to businesses and individuals.

We refurbish donated computers and make them available for reuse whilst anything that cannot be reused is recycled.


Jamie’s Computers can also dispose of any mobile phones that you wish to donate



car2Giveacar is a social enterprise which turns your old car into cash for your favourite charity. They arrange free collection and then either sell your car at auction or scrap it.

The UK’s first car donation scheme, Giveacar now supports over 800 charities with this new way of fundraising. They are 100% not for profit and have won several awards. They have also scrapped or auctioned over 4,000 vehicles, and raised over £700,000 for charities.

If you have an old car you no longer need why not support the Society of St James and give Giveacar a call. You can choose to donate all the money raised, or keep half and donate the rest.

You might be surprised by the difference your old car could make. The Society of St James has received £90 on average for every car scrapped for us by Giveacar – that’s enough to pay for a homeless person to spend 3 nights in one of our hostels.