‘Give A Meal’ Appeal

At Christmas, we ran an appeal asking you to help us to give a special meal to the people we support, facing homeless, throughout Hampshire.  Thanks to generous donations from local people and businesses, this successful appeal had a huge impact- enabling everyone in our supported accommodation to have a Christmas roast, with all the trimmings, and join in with many of the traditions that we all enjoyed, in our own homes.  The difference a good, healthy meal can have is immeasurable, as food is the foundation for so many aspects of our lives.

However, it also became clear that many of the people we support lack education around food and healthy eating, and so we want to develop our life-skills courses further, and ensure healthy eating is an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day support package.


Cooking group 19-02-2014 CO, GH, RDFood is a central part of our lives.  A good, healthy, meal gives us all the essential nutrients we need to ensure our health and general well-being is maintained. Food gives us our energy to tackle the day and without food, we can easily become unfocused and generally not perform as well.

Fareshare recently estimated 70% of, long-term, homeless people show medical signs of malnutrition and three out of five single homeless people, did not have one daily portion of fruit or vegetables!  The implications of this, long-term, can be devastating; impacting people lives, increasing susceptibility to infections, irritability, depression alongside a general lack of energy or motivation.

Hunger for Change 120314 (5)aMany of the people who come to live with us at SSJ, have not had access to daily, healthy, meals for some time.  This may be through lack of money and budgeting skills, lack of somewhere to live, or cooking facilities or due to drug and/or alcohol use.  Often, poor eating habits can simply be due to a lack of education about food and cooking techniques.

At SSJ, as well as the right to a home, we believe that everyone has the right to healthy food, and so we are raising funds which could go towards helping us to provide the people we support with a healthy meal, at least once a day. A healthy meal is a necessary foundation for us to help people turn their lives around. People must be provided with good quality, healthy, food to give them the energy to tackle their problems and to increase their physical and mental wellbeing.Healthy Eating 3a

It costs SSJ around £5 to give someone a healthy meal. But, GiveAMeal can offer so much more than that…

Here at SSJ we help people to turn their lives around, and part of doing that is by helping people learn new skills.  A donation to GiveAMeal could also help us teach life skills to the people we support; allowing us to offer cooking, budgeting and food hygiene courses, or by helping us buy ingredients.

Food is such an important part of our culture.

Alongside the added benefits of eating and budgeting better. Preparing and sharing food helps to foster social relationships, and promotes social inclusion.

Cooking and budgeting courses increase emotional and physical well-being and self-esteem can be greatly increased as people start to see the benefits of their achievements and take on new, positive interests.



So donate to GiveAMeal today and you could help us give someone a healthy meal, or you could help someone learn how to prepare a healthy meal, for life!


You can also make a text donation, by texting our code “MEAL55” and the amount, up to £10, you wish to donate to 70070. Thank you.

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