South Downs Way Sponsored Cycle for Re-Cycle Bikes

Cycle the South Downs Way for Re-Cycle bikesRe-Cycle Bikes

A great amount of research into homelessness suggests finding, and retaining, work is often a critical step to preventing the problem.  However, our experience tells us that working gives someone a sense of purpose and self-respect, which is at least as important.  It follows that engaging in meaningful activities, such as our Re-Cycle Bikes project, can have a similar effect.

Myles Lewis, Project Manager tell us

“Activities can be key in reducing feelings of boredom and loneliness and can act as a catalyst; motivating people to make positive changes. Perhaps most importantly, activities can greatly improve well-being and quality of life for individuals who may have experienced extremely traumatic events or be faced with a great deal of stress”.

recycle bikesA Sense of Purpose

For many people who are homeless, paid work is not an immediate option as it is too far of a jump from the chaotic nature of their current life styles. It is important for a person to move through a series of steps, starting with activities that have purpose and direction.  The SSJ Bike work shop enables people to engage in a work place setting without the pressure of paid work, allowing them to develop the skills, accredited qualifications, and disciplines required for formal paid work.

Currently, around 4 Re-Cycle Bikes volunteers per year are offered placements from SSJ’s homelessness and addiction services.  They are all trained and supported to repair and refurbish donated bicycles into affordable and safe products which are sold to members of the public who may be struggling on low incomes in Southampton and all across Hampshire.  In order to not rely on additional funding, the bike workshop aims to sell an average of 5 bikes a week to becoming totally self-sustaining.

We need your help!

In order to help the Re-Cycle bikes project continue and develop, we need your help!

£100 would equip a volunteer with a tool box and basic equipment, PPE and Work clothing and a Basic Repair and Build Bike training course.

£500 would allow the Bike work shop to update and source more specialist tools, which are in constant use and have a shelf life!


To increase the number of sales and volunteers at the Re-Cycle Bikes project, we are asking you to join us in a sponsored cycling challenge event


south downs way sponsored cycle


If you want to undertake this challenge, but don’t own a bicycle, we have a number of bikes available; please speak to Laura about this when reserving your place.



Want to join us? Need more info? Call Laura on: 023 8033 9751 or fill in the form below and we’ll contact you.

Can’t join us but want to donate? You can make a donation to the Re-Cycle Bikes Campaign here