We recognise that people who are homeless often need more than just somewhere to live, and that they may have other issues such as mental health problems or drug addiction.
At our homeless services, we support our residents to address difficulties in their lives and begin to take steps towards a brighter future. Homeless services

Addiction Services

Our addiction services work to reduce the harm caused by drug and alcohol addiction to individuals and our community.

We offer people the support they need to manage their addiction, help them to build a more stable lifestyle, and give them an opportunity to support others with substance misuse problems. Addiction Services

Specialist Services

Our specialist services include tailored accommodation for older people who have experienced homelessness, and individuals who have particular issues such as mental health problems or chronic heavy drinking.

We also offer domiciliary care and help with DIY and other practical tasks around the home for people who need a bit of extra help to carry on living independently. Specialist Services

Jamie’s Computers

Jamie’s Computers is our learning and training division. At Jamie’s, people can gain work experience, IT skills and confidence by getting involved in the collection, refurbishment and sale of old IT equipment.

Jamie’s caters for a wide range of people across Southampton, including our residents and service users, those with mental health issues or learning disabilities, and the long term unemployed. Jamie’s Computers