Drug and Alcohol Recovery

The Society of St James runs a wide range of drug and alcohol recovery services across Hampshire.  We believe that recovery from drugs and alcohol is possible for everyone.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service – Southampton
From December 2014, the services in Southampton will fall under the new Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service for the city. More on this story here.

Recovery is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It is personal and is led by what is important to the individual, whether that’s minimising the harm of their drug use, rebuilding relationships with family and friends, or returning to education.

We want the people that we work with to feel consistently supported, encouraged and understood. Our staff focus on the progress that people are making, while acknowledging that recovery is a journey and there may be challenges along the way. We help them to recognise that certain behaviour patterns can work against their goals and support them to change these behaviours.