Alcohol Pathfinder Service

From December 1st 2014, this service now falls under the new Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service.

The Alcohol Pathfinder Service aims to help more people who are drinking harmfully or dependently to receive treatment for their alcohol use, and to support positive changes in their lives to prevent relapse.

The service is made up from a team of nurses, support workers and administration staff who are working together with existing services to find new pathways into treatment and to help develop more efficient alcohol treatment services in the city. We consist of staff from the following organisations: the Society of St James; Solent NHS Trust; Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust; and University Hospital Southampton NHS.

Community Wrap Around

Dealing with an alcohol problem involves more than just stopping drinking. It often requires a change in the way a person spends their time and a move away from previous activities and places.
The Alcohol Pathfinder Service offers a community wrap around service to help people make this change. We are developing services and meaningful activities for clients to support a higher quality of life. We can also help to organise volunteering, education and training opportunities that suit the individual.


Part of our community wrap around is the ASSURE group.
ASSURE is an independent support group which aims to create an environment of opportunity, choice and hope for people affected by their alcohol issues. It is complimentary to existing services and offers an additional element to recovery.

Some of the activities we offer include fun quizzes, cooking classes, Arts & Crafts, First Aid training and discussion meetings on prejudice & stereotypes. We also offer consultation workshops where you can
provide feedback to peers on how you want your group to develop.

You can view/download a leaflet about the ASSURE group here:
ASSURE Leaflet

To access the ASSURE group, you can use the referral form here:
ASSURE Referral Form

Southampton Active Recovery

The Alcohol Pathfinder Service is associated with Southampton Active Recovery, a self-run group who run a wide variety of activities in an alcohol and drugs free environment. Members provide each other with peer support and advice from their own experiences.

Alcohol Pathfinder Service Referral Criteria

The Alcohol Pathfinder Service accept referrals from project workers who work with people who are:

  • 18 years old or over
  • Living in Southampton
  • In treatment or willing to start treatment to address their alcohol use OR, having had treatment, are looking for support to remain in control of their alcohol use.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about the service or to discuss a referral, please feel free to contact us: