Bridge2Volunteering (B2V) is a peer support and recovery volunteering project based at the Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service. The B2V volunteers  help with the day-to-day running of the psycho-social treatment service. This includes welcoming visitors to New Road and supporting people through all stages of their recovery journey.

Most of the B2V volunteers have been on their own journey of drug use and recovery. They know what it’s like to struggle with the daily pressures, stress, guilt, sadness and confusion. They understand the challenges trying to find a job, rebuild careers and relationships, and build up self-esteem. Because of this, they can empathise with, and be an example to, their peers in recovery.

The B2V Volunteering service is a win-win for those being supported by the volunteers and the volunteers themselves. Many B2V volunteers go on to formal education in areas including literacy, numeracy and Health and Social Care. For others, volunteering provides a pathway into paid employment.

In the last year, 32 volunteers have enrolled in formal education and 26 have moved on to paid employment.

You can also read some stories from people who have turned their lives around, through volunteering with the B2V project here:
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    Justin                                     Michelle                                      B2V Success Stories


This video features some of our volunteers and our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Viv, talking about the impact that the programme has:


If you are interested in volunteering with B2V, please fill out the contact form below.