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Daphne House

Daphne House

Daphne House is a block of 8 single bedroom self contained flats, for generic use. All of the residents here have a history of homelessness and a range of complex personal issues. At Daphne house the staff and residents have worked hard to create a community feel, which offers the residents the opportunity to deal with issues around neighbourhood difficulties, relationship building, promoting self esteem and confidence building. Some of the fun things that go on here and help to build the community spirit include running a breakfast club, kayaking trips and a garden project.

Outside of this we have an open door policy that allows the residents open access to the staff for general chats over coffee and/or for helping them to deal with crises as they arise. The staffing level at this project provides the support needed for our chaotic client group as and when it is needed.

Kayaking Trip

We have had 100% move on over the last 2 years with residents moving to more independent accommodation.