Jordan House Intensive Lifeskills Service

Jordan House

Jordan House Intensive Lifeskills and Resettlement Service comprises of 26 self-contained flats at Jordan House, and 3 single and 2 shared flats at another location. The service supports people who need intensive levels of support and have a background of homelessness and/or offending and has a maximum stay of 9 months. We provide support staff from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. weekends and there is emergency 24-7 cover from our Operational Security Team. All of our referrals come via the Street Homeless Prevention Team, and most are either people moving on from intensive hostels having achieved a degree of stability, or people who find it very difficult to share and are difficult to manage in a hostel environment.

Although tenants are responsible for looking after themselves and their flats, we put in a great deal of support to enable them to develop the skills and support networks necessary to sustain this accommodation and then to successfully move on to independent accommodation. Our staff help tenants to sustain links with specialist services to manage specific needs including substance misuse, mental health and domiciliary care for those with disabilities that need extra practical help to look after themselves or their accommodation. Our staff also help tenants to deal with the challenges and extra freedom that comes with managing a tenancy: this includes identifying tenants who are beginning to decline or relapse, and supporting them to turn this around.

Each resident has an allocated keyworker who supports them to identify areas in which they need help, and to make plans to change their lives for the better. Our approach is to offer residents a wide range of opportunities to make good decisions. So as well as providing help to develop life skills such as budgeting, cooking, numeracy and literacy, we help them to broaden their horizons by visiting and using community-based resources and in-house activities.

We also provide meaningful occupation consultations to help residents to identify their strengths and suitable constructive ways of spending their time including work, training and voluntary work – including at Re-Cycle Bikes, our social enterprise based at Jordan House. Many of our residents access sporting activities provided by Saints4Sport. We also help people to improve their self-confidence and decision making, and build bridges with families, ex-partners and children where appropriate.

Right from the start of their stay we consider move-on options with residents and ensure they have a live housing application with the local authority. Most move on to independent private sector accommodation, but some will move on to local authority or housing association accommodation if they have sufficient “Homebid Points”. Our Resettlement Worker seeks out private sector rented accommodation and helps our residents move in, furnishing the accommodation and sorting benefits, utilities etc. and then ensures that each client has sufficient support in place after we withdraw. This may be provided by other organisations, for example the Family Mosaic Homelessness Floating Support Service.