The Alcohol Accommodation Service

Our residential heavy drinkers houses offer the support needed to maintain long-term health prospects.

The Alcohol Accommodation-based Service provides supported housing to adults with histories of long-term and dependent alcohol misuse. The Service aims to support individuals to engage with appropriate treatment and reduce their alcohol intake through managed drinking and achieve improvement in their general health and wellbeing through better nutrition and access to other healthcare services.

The support we offer

The accommodation consists of three shared houses providing different levels of support depending on individual need. The service is staffed Monday – Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturday and Sunday for a few hours each day. Out of hours support is provided through the Society’s Operational Security Team which operates every night and at weekends. Each resident is encouraged to participate in the development of their own detailed support plan which highlights their medical needs, the aspects of their daily lives that they need the most support with, and their own aspirations for their future. Clients are given a named keyworker who supports them to stay on track with their goals in relation to their drinking and other aspects of their daily lives.

Accessing the service

Access to the service is through referral from Social Services, the hospital discharge teams, alcohol services in the city, Social Services and the Street Homeless Prevention Team. All referrals that meet the Service criteria are followed up with an assessment to establish whether the service is appropriate for the individual. Informal visits are encouraged.


Priority will be given to individuals with a local connection to Southampton.   Individuals requiring 24 hour care will not be admitted.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility – Accommodation-based Alcohol Service

Eligibility – Alcohol-free Accommodation

Eligibility – Respite Support



Please complete the referral form below and email to and you will be contacted within the next 3 days.

Referral Forms

Referral Form Accommodation-based Alcohol Support Service

Referral Form – Alcohol-free Accommodation Service

For more information please contact:

Vicky Gardiner – Acting Team Leader  T: 023 8063 0563  E: